Heavy Duty Wedge Anchor with Seismic Certification

Heavy-duty wedge anchor for the medium load range in sizes M8 - M16 for anchoring in cracked and non-cracked concrete C20/25 - C50/60, as well as for seismic actions of the performance category C1/C2.

CE Marking
Short term impact resistance (Hearthquakes, explosion...)
Fire resistance R 120
3DG Coating
Seismic C1 C2
Fix Calc

Product Details


Technical Data


Product dimensions

References Product Reference Dimensions [ØxL] [mm] Seismic certification Fixture thickness [tfix,max] with standard setting depth [hef,STD] [mm] Fixture thickness [tfix,max] with reduced setting depth [hef,RED] [mm] Hole diameter in fixture [df] [mm] Hole diameter [do] x depth [h1] in substrate with standard setting depth [hef,STD] [mm] Hole diameter [do] x depth [h1] in substrate with reduced setting depth [hef,RED] [mm] Min. setting depth [hef,STD] [mm] Reduced setting depth [hef,RED Qty per box Qty per outer box
75350B0806800FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x68C141898x708x564834100400

Recommended loads / Non-cracked-concrete / for single anchors / with no edge distances or spacings

References Product Reference Dimensions [ØxL] [mm] Recommended loads - Non-cracked concrete
Tension - Nrec Shear - Vrec Bending moment Mrec [Nm]
C20/25 [kN] C30/37 [kN] C40/50 [kN] C50/60 [kN] C20/25 [kN] C30/37 [kN] C40/50 [kN] C50/60 [kN]
75350B0806800FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x684.
75350B0807500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x754.
75350B0809000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x904.
75350B0811500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x1154.
75350B0813500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x1354.
75350B0816500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x1654.
75350B1009000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x907.69.310.711.811.511.511.511.531.9
75350B1010500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x1057.69.310.711.811.511.511.511.531.9
75350B1011500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x1157.69.310.711.811.511.511.511.531.9
75350B1013500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x1357.69.310.711.811.511.511.511.531.9
75350B1015500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x1557.69.310.711.811.511.511.511.531.9
75350B1018500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x1857.69.310.711.811.511.511.511.531.9
75350B1211000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM12x1109.511.613.414.716.
75350B1212000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM12x1209.511.613.414.716.
75350B1214500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM12x1459.511.613.414.716.
75350B1217000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM12x1709.511.613.414.716.
75350B1220000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM12x2009.511.613.414.716.
75350B1613000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM16x13016.720.423.525.931.631.631.631.6142.4
75350B1615000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM16x15016.720.423.525.931.631.631.631.6142.4
75350B1618500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM16x18516.720.423.525.931.631.631.631.6142.4
75350B1622000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM16x22016.720.423.525.931.631.631.631.6142.4

1) In case of interaction of tension and shear loads (lever arm) as well as in case of anchor groups and/or edge influence, a design according to EN 1992-4 (seismic actions - Annex C / fire action - Annex D) shall be carried out taking into account the entire European Technical Assessment ETA-09/0056.
2) The load data take into account the partial safety factors of the resistances given in the European Technical Assessment (ETA) and a partial safety factor of the actions
of γF = 1.4. The values given assume unreinforced or normally reinforced concrete with a spacing of the reinforcing bars s ≥ 15 cm or s ≥ 10 cm at a
rebar diameter ds ≤ 10 mm is assumed.

Design capacities - single anchor - no edge distances - Uncracked concrete

References Product Reference Dimensions [ØxL] [mm] Design capacity - Non-cracked concrete (3)
Tension - NRd (1) Shear - VRd (2) Bending moment MRd [Nm]
C20/25 [kN] C30/37 [kN] C40/50 [kN] C50/60 [kN] C20/25 [kN] C30/37 [kN] C40/50 [kN] C50/60 [kN]
75350B0806800FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x686---8.6----
75350B0807500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x756---8.6----
75350B0809000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x906---8.6----
75350B0811500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x1156---8.6----
75350B0813500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x1356---8.6----
75350B0816500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x1656---8.6----
75350B1009000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x9010.7---16.1----
75350B1010500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x10510.7---16.1----
75350B1011500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x11510.7---16.1----
75350B1013500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x13510.7---16.1----
75350B1015500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x15510.7---16.1----
75350B1018500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x18510.7---16.1----
75350B1211000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM12x11013.3---22.5----
75350B1212000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM12x12013.3---22.5----
75350B1214500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM12x14513.3---22.5----
75350B1217000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM12x17013.3---22.5----
75350B1220000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM12x20013.3---22.5----
75350B1613000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM16x13023.3---44.3----
75350B1615000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM16x15023.3---44.3----
75350B1618500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM16x18523.3---44.3----
75350B1622000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM16x22023.3---44.3----

1. The design loads loads have been calculated using the partial safety factors for resistances stated in ETA-approval(s). The loading figures are valid for unreinforced concrete and reinforced concrete with a rebar spacing s ≥ 15 cm (any diameter) or with a rebar spacing s ≥ 10 cm, if the rebar diameter is 10mm or smaller.
2. The figures for shear are based on a single anchor without influence of concrete edges. For anchorages close to edges (c ≤ max [10 hef; 60d]) the concrete edge failure shall be checked per ETAG 001, Annex C, design method A.
3. Concrete is considered non-cracked when the tensile stress within the concrete is\sigmaL +\sigmaR ≤ 0. In the absence of detailed verification\sigmaR = 3 N/mm² can be assumed (\sigmaL equals the tensile stress within the concrete induced by external loads, anchors loads included).

*Not covered by ETA-11/0080



Spacings and edge distances

References Product Reference Dimensions [ØxL] [mm] Min. edge distance [cmin] [mm] Min. spacing [smin] [mm] Characteristic edge distance [ccr,N] [mm] Characteristic spacing(5) - Scr,N [scr,N] [mm]
75350B0806800FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x68505072144
75350B0807500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x75505072144
75350B0809000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x90505072144
75350B0811500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x115505072144
75350B0813500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x135505072144
75350B0816500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x165505072144
75350B1009000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x90606090180
75350B1010500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x105606090180
75350B1011500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x115606090180
75350B1013500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x135606090180
75350B1015500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x155606090180
75350B1018500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x185606090180
75350B1211000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM12x1107070110220
75350B1212000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM12x1207070110220
75350B1214500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM12x1457070110220
75350B1217000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM12x1707070110220
75350B1220000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM12x2007070110220
75350B1613000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM16x1308580120258
75350B1615000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM16x1508580120258
75350B1618500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM16x1858580120258
75350B1622000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM16x2208580120258

Installation data

References Product Reference Dimensions [ØxL] [mm] Ø drilling hole [d0] [mm] Min. drill depth [h1] [mm] Ø drilling fixture [df] [mm] Wrench size [SW] [mm] Installation torque [Tinst] [Nm] Embedment depth [hef] [mm] Min. support thickness [hmin] [mm]
75350B0806800FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x688709132048100
75350B0807500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x758709132048100
75350B0809000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x908709132048100
75350B0811500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x1158709132048100
75350B0813500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x1358709132048100
75350B0816500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM8x1658709132048100
75350B1009000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x90108012174060120
75350B1010500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x105108012174060120
75350B1011500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x115108012174060120
75350B1013500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x135108012174060120
75350B1015500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x155108012174060120
75350B1018500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM10x185108012174060120
75350B1211000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM12x1101210014196072150
75350B1212000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM12x1201210014196072150
75350B1214500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM12x1451210014196072150
75350B1217000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM12x1701210014196072150
75350B1220000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM12x2001210014196072150
75350B1613000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM16x13016115182412086170
75350B1615000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM16x15016115182412086170
75350B1618500FM-753 CRACK 3DGM16x18516115182412086170
75350B1622000FM-753 CRACK 3DGM16x22016115182412086170

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