S&P Clever Reinforcement

S&P Clever Reinforcement

Leader in the field of structural reinforcements

S&P Clever Reinforcement Company focuses on the strengthening of structures and develops reinforcement solutions. The company's core competence is structural consulting for all systems available for sale. Thanks to subsidiaries throughout Europe, S&P can draw on a broad network of experts in the fields of engineering, production, application technology and logistics.

All products are developed in-house, manufactured in the company's own production facilities in Europe and delivered to customers through direct sales. In addition, S&P offers software solutions for the design of reinforcement systems. This enables individual customer support with products specially tailored to the respective situation, as well as a high degree of flexibility and readiness to deliver. 

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  1. S&P FRP Systems

    FRP systems are laminates, scrims and fabrics made of carbon, aramid or glass fibers, which are bonded to the components to be reinforced using tested epoxy adhesives or epoxy resins. They are used wherever structures made of concrete, masonry, steel or wood are to be strengthened. Reasons are:

    • Increasing the strength and ductility of columns
    • Increasing the payload
    • Replacement for corroded or missing steel reinforcement
    • For system adaptations
    • For changes in use
    • Extension of service life and durability
    • Compliance with current standards
    • Protection against impact by vehicles on supports
    • Increase of earthquake resistance for concrete and masonry
    • Protection against explosions caused by accidents or terrorism


    S&P Asphalt reinforcement

    The pre-bituminized S&P asphalt reinforcements Carbophalt® and Glasphalt® made of carbon and glass fibers are used to combat cracking and prevent crack reflection, thus increasing the load-bearing capacity and durability of roads. As a result, rehabilitation intervals can be significantly extended, which has a positive effect on maintenance costs, traffic disruption and the carbon footprint.

    In addition, S&P asphalt reinforcement can be applied quickly and efficiently by machine or by hand. This means that there are no delays in the construction process, and the surface course can be paved immediately afterwards.


    S&P ARMO System

    The S&P ARMO system combines sprayed mortar with lightweight reinforcement meshes made of carbon or glass fibers and is used in structural engineering, civil engineering and tunneling for static and seismic reinforcement with minimal cross-sectional loss. A specially developed logistics solution consisting of a pump and silo enables extremely efficient processing. Thus, the ARMO system is universally suitable for gallery, canal, tunnel, structural and civil engineering.

    S&P Concrete & Repair

    Components made of concrete are often exposed to strong loads due to mechanical and chemical influences. S&P has a wide range of repair and injection mortars for this purpose, as well as various products for the corrosion protection of concrete reinforcements. Together with the know-how of our experts, durable and efficient repair solutions are thus guaranteed.


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