Made to Order

Made to Order

Special Products: You draw, we produce 

Not every construction process is the same. Which is why, Simpson Strong-Tie® operates a speedy fabrication service to manufacture connectors for customers which have either been designed by Architects, Designers and Structural Engineers, or are based on a full design and manufacturing service provided by Simpson Strong-Tie®, on provision of dimensional and loading information. These items can be as diverse as large heavy duty post bases, moment plates or small, but heavy duty angle brackets.

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    Your benefits

    • Full cost overview
    • Laser cutting, punching and bending
    • Standard and special steels
    • Manual WIG / MIG welding or welding machines for mass production
    • Certification and qualification of welders
    • Surface finishing options: zinc plating, galvanisation, rust protection ...

    Construction companies, architects and carpenters are already using our services for building projects in schools, sports halls, stadiums and public and private buildings.

    You can benefit from this too. Trust in our competence and experience. 


    Legal information regarding modified products made to measure.

    Specially manufactured or modified products are designed by our customers are manufactured by us according to customer specifications. We cannot and will not make any recommendations regarding the suitability or usability of these products.

    Special products designed for a specific construction project are not subject to mandatory certification and cannot be CE marked according to European Commission specifications.

    Any changes that deviate from the standard products are the sole responsibility of the person who commissioned or carried out these changes. This person must also provide the necessary instructions for implementation. Simpson Strong-Tie is not responsible for the consequences of modifying standard products and putting them into use. 

    Direct contact

    If you need a special custom-made product for your construction project or have any doubts about choosing the right solution, call our technical advisor.

    Phone: +48 606 902 984 or +48 664 064 864
    Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm 


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