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Joist Hanger Universal, flexible and simple to install, the EWH hanger is an engineered hanger that has been designed to fulfil a wide variety of installation options.
Zpro Structural Connectors Tested and CE marked connectors with Zpro coating have increased corrosion resistance. Due to its unique chemical composition, the Zpro coating provides better corrosion protection than standard electro-galvanized steel. Zpro is an alternative between standard products and much more expensive stainless steel products.
Bandlock® Pro Roof Truss Bracing System Bandlock connectors are used to assemble, tighten and connect restraint straps. Consisting the strap tensioner and Tie Down Anchor to connect restraint straps to trusses and foundations.
Acoustic & Wood Guide-1 This guide discusses construction solutions that improve the acoustic performance of CLT buildings using Simpson Strong-Tie® brackets and accessories.
SWD SWD is a double threaded structural screw designed to connect and pull together two wood members. The small cap-style head and double thread creates a hidden assembly with high strength.
CNA nails with length identification The well-known CNA connector nails are now supplied with a head-stamp that makes it easy to identify the length after installation.
THD Screw Anchor The high-strength screw anchor for use in cracked and non-cracked concrete.
ABAI Angle bracket for connections construction elements of walls and floors made of cross-laminated timber, separated by a 12 mm.
ABRZpro A new series of angle bars with a new innovative ZPRO protective coating that can be used outside in the third class of use.
Trusses Good practice of choosing timber connectors for truss roofs.
Cover Image Download Calameo eBook Description
CLT catalogue Connectors and Fasteners for Cross-Laminated Timber 2020
Fasteners catalogue In this technical guide you will find general information, characteristic parameters and load capacity for C24 solid timber, CLT glued laminated timber.
Technical catalogue Metal connectors, anchorage system and fasteners
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Default Image Basic data of products 10-20
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Reach The official statement from Simpson Strong-Tie on the REACH regulation


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