Customer Service

Customer service

We would be happy to advise you personally!

Listening, advising, imparting specialist knowledge ... for us, customer service means service from people for people. All employees, whether engineers, masters, technicians or our sales team, our marketing department, all make it their personal task to support you as best as possible. Be it with a technical challenge, with the planning of your building project or with the support of the right products for your project.

It is our aim to always be technically up to date, to guarantee you the best possible quality and safety and to help you implement your goals or projects.

You can reach us by phone Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the telephone number: +48 22 865 22 00. You can also send us an email, at

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  1. Technical support

    Thanks to high standards, you get access to professional solutions and advice of qualified specialists in the field of timber connectors, fasteners and anchors. Our technical support department offers assistance related to e.g. the selection of appropriate products that meet specific requirements and provides information related to the application of the products owned by the customer. Using our experience and knowledge, you can adjust and implement investment contracts in the field of timber constructions.


    Training employees and improving their skills is increasingly appreciated by the business client. To meet the prevailing trends, we organize training meetings that focus mainly on the practical aspects of application and use of Simpson Strong-Tie timber connectors. Participants will be able to see new solutions in the process of timber connection elements, gain knowledge and skills in the field of installation of connectors, and learn about price aspects of competitive advantage.

    The trainings are dedicated to carpenters, architects, schools, universities and commercial partners. Training topics are determined individually for each group, taking into account the specificity and type of activity. The meetings take place in the Training Center at the headquarters of SIMPSON Strong-Tie in Warsaw at ul. Działkowa 115A.
    The training is free of charge in one-day mode

    If you are interested in our training, please contact us.

    Warehouse for you

    Simpson Strong-Tie® designs, manufactures and distributes over 3,500 shapes and sizes for any combination of elements of any structure. The vast majority of products on our website are available in our warehouse and ready for shipping within 24 hours. If you have found a product from our offer that does not appear on our website and you would like to order it, do not hesitate to do so. We are ready to order it for you from our branches in Europe.


    Software solutions to help you choose the right connector or fixing
    Simpson Strong-Tie design tool dedicated to builders and designers. It allows you to easily design a connection using chemical and mechanical anchors, nails and screws or connectors according to Eurocode 5.

    • Anchor Designer will quickly and efficiently carry out an analysis of an existing project by analyzing the connection in terms of limit states as well as suggesting an optimal solution based on data provided by the user.
    • The Connector Selector will quickly establish all connections in timber construction that you can use for your project.
    • Solid Wood allows you to calculate timber connections with nails and screws according to Eurocode 5 (EN1995-1). It is easy to use and allows you to check the specifications of each solution: depending on the density of the wood, the properties of the supporting material, the use class and the load.


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