Half face fix joist hanger

Half joist hangers are used by pairs to secure joist with width between 36 and 140 mm, and height between 97 and 300 mm.

These half hangers can be set on opposit edges, or symmetrically, offering great flexibility

Version SJH-F has a seat, to maintain the joist while setting fasteners. The other version doesn't have a seat, allowing the joist to be put in place if connectors are set on header first.

CE Marking
Service class 2
Electrogalvanized steel Z275

Product Details


Installation SJHR+SJHR-F on wood
Installation SJHR+SJHR-F+SJHL+SJHL-F on wood
Installation SJHR + SJHR-F on wood
Installation SJHR + SJHR-F associated with ESCRFTZ screw
Installation SJHR-F + SJHL-F on concrete
Installation SJHR+SJHR-F+SJHL+SJHL-F on concrete



Galvanized steel S250GD + Z275 according to NF EN 10346.


  • Great flexibility
  • Two references can replace all joist hangers for joist from 97 to 300 mm height and from 35 to 140 mm width
  • With a full threaded screw, it can be used with joist up to 300 mm height
  • It can be used with internal or external flanges, or both
  • 2 pairs can be used to increase the capacity
  • Smaller cartons than with usual joist hanger



  • Supporting member: wood, concrete, steel.
  • Supported member: solid wood, composite lumber.

Intended Use

  • Joists.
  • Refurbishment of existing assemblies.

Technical Data


Product Dimensions

References Joist Dimensions [mm] Product Dimensions [mm] Header holes Joist holes
Width* Height A B C D t Ø5 Ø11 Ø13 Ø5
min max min max max+**

Half joist hangers shall be used by pairs, it can be with (-F) or without seat flange.

* When CNA4.0x50 or CSA5.0x50 is used, min joist width is 50 mm

** Reinforcement of joist with full threaded screw type ESCRFTZ required (recommended: 8.0x140 for SJH80, 8.0x220 for SJH130)

Product characteristic capacities - Timber to timber - full nailing

References Product capacities - Timber to timber - Full nailing
Fasteners - per pair of SJH Characteristic capacities - Timber C24 - per pair of SJH [kN]
Header Joist R1.k R2.k R3.k*** R4.k
Qty Qty CNA4.0x35 CNA4.0x50 CNA4.0x35 CNA4.0x50 CNA4.0x35 CNA4.0x50 CNA4.0x35 CNA4.0x50

The capacity is valid for a pair of half hanger, no matter if they are set diagonally opposed or symmetrically, with internal or external flange.

For two pairs of hangers, the capacity can be multiply by two.

*** Only valid if half joist hangers are set diagonally

Product characteristic capacities - Timber beam to rigid support

References Product capacities - Timber to Concrete
Fasteners - per pair of SJH Characteristic capacities - Timber C24 - per pair of SJH [kN]
On post On concrete R1.k R2.k R4.k
Qty Type Qty Type CNA4.0x35 CNA4.0x50 CNA4.0x35 CNA4.0x50 CNA4.0x35 CNA4.0x50

Half joist hangers shall be set symmetrically on rigid support.

* Refer to the Simpson Strong-Tie anchor product range for suitable anchors. Typical anchor solutions are BOAXII, SET-XP, WA, AT-HP, depending on the concrete type, spacing and edge distances. The values in this table are given for an installation in the middle of a concrete slab. In other installation condition (close to the edge,...), the designer must check the anchor separately (Our free software Anchor Designer is available for download on our website).

** Refer to Characteristic Capacity table columns for type of fasteners that can be used in Flange A. Capacities vary depending on fastener type used.




Joist :

  • Connector Nails CNA Ø 4.0 x 50 mm.
  • Connector Nails CNA Ø 4.0 x 35 mm 
  • Screws CSA Ø 5.0 x 40 mm
  • Screws CSA Ø 5.0 x 35 mm

Header :

  • Connector Nails CNA Ø 4.0 x 50 mm.
  • Connector Nails CNA Ø 4.0 x 35 mm
  • Screws CSA Ø 5.0 x 40 mm.
  • Screws CSA Ø 5.0 x 35 mm

   Concrete :

On concrete, SJH half hangers shall be set symmetrically

Mecahnical anchor : WA M10-78/5 (for SJH80) and WA M12-104/5 (for SJH130).
Chemical anchor : resin AT-HP with threaded rod LMAS M10-120/25 (for SJH80) and LMAS M12-150/35 (for SJH130).


The basic installation on timber: 

placed diagonally: 1 SJHR + 1 SJHR-F.

or 1 SJHL + 1 SJHL-F

When joist height is important (see dimension table):

placed diagonally with one full threaded screw: 1 SJHR + 1 SJHR-F + 1 ESCRFTZ8.0. 

or 1 SJHL + 1 SJHL-F+ 1 ESCRFTZ8.0

To increase capacity:

two pairs: 1 SJHR + 1 SJHR-F + 1 SJHL + 1 SJHL-F



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European Technical Assessment (ETA)

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