Angle bracket for CLT

It is a bracket for static structural joints between wall and ceiling panels of laminated wood. They are separated by 12 mm thick sound insulation support.

CE Marking
Service class 2
Electrogalvanized steel Z275

Product Details


Fixation de l'équerre avec les vis SDS
Installation with MOABAI insertion device
Sample application



• Galvanized steel S250GD with zinc coating thickness of 20 microns
• Sylodyn®: Polyurethane Syloer SR220



  • Load capacity in all directions
  • Saving time and cost to build, because there is no need for additional sound insulation
  • Reduces sound transmission
  • More living space because of additional sound insulation
  • A positive impact on the indoor environment, greater wind resistance, due to isolation SYLODYN along the outer walls



Supporting member:
Plywood boards

Supported member:
Plywood boards



  • The ABAI soundproofing angles are used for connections between wall and ceiling elements made of plywood boards
  • The connection to the base plate by means of Simpson Strong-Tie® special screws. The MOABAI insertion device is to be used
  • The connections can be made on one side or with opposing angle brackets.

Technical Data


Product Dimensions

References Tun / DB nr. NOB nr. Product Dimensions [mm] Joist Holes flange B
A B C D E t Ø5 Ø11 Ø7

Single-sided connection with a Sylodyn insulation strips d = 12 mm between wall and ceiling

Product capacities - ABAI

References Product capacities - Timber to timber - Full nailing
Number of Fasteners Characteristic capacities - Timber C24 - 1 angle brackets per connection [kN] Slip modulus Kser  for load direction [kN/mm]
Joist Flange B R1.k R2/3.k R4.k R5.k R1.k R2/3.k R4.k R5.k
Qty type Qty type


For the overlap of the action must be proven:


Simplified characteristic capacities - Wood to concrete - 1 bracket per connection

References Simplified product capacities - Timber to timber – Full nailing
Number of Fasteners Simplified characteristic capacities - Timber C24 - 2 angle brackets per connection [kN] Slip modulus kser for load duration
Joist Flange B R1.k R2/3.k R4.k R5.k R1.k R2/3.k R4.k R5.k
Qty Type Qty Type

The published characteristic capacity is based on short term load duration and service class 2 according to EC5 (EN 1995) – kmod = 0.9. For other load duration and service class, please refer to the ETA to get more accurate capacities

for load combination:





  • Vertical: 8xCNA4,0x60 (O11; 3 St.) neboCSA5,0x50
  • Bottom: 3xSDS25600
  • The MOABAI insertion device is to be used.


Declaration of Performance (DoP)

European Technical Assessment (ETA)

eta-06-0106.pdf (13.43 MB)

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