Installation guide for screws

GSCREW4560 jig allows the installation of any type of screws with a diameter between Ø8 and Ø12 mm with an angle of 45° ou 60°.

Service class 2
Electrogalvanized steel Z275

Product Details



  • Steel S250GD according to EN 10346,
  • Finish ZM310 MBC U.


  • The jig finds his utility with the ranges of full-threaded screws or sarking screws (ESCRFTZ, ESCRFTC, ESCRFT, ESCRT2R) because the screwing angle is mostly 45° or 60°. However, it can be used for any type of screw longer than 100 mm for a 45° configuration and longer than 140 mm for a 60° configuration.
  • This jig allows to easily place the screws with an angle in accordance with the requested prescription and, in this way, to provide a resistance to efforts in accordance with expectations.
  • The jig is available in 2 models :
    - For right-handers (right hand screwdriver and left hand jig) Item code = GSCREW4560-R     
    - For left-handers (left hand screwdriver and right hand jig) Item code = GSCREW4560-L
  • Compatible screw sizes :
 Minimum screw length
Alpha angle(Ø8 Ø10 and Ø12)Range SSH Ø12 « lifting hook »
45°100 mm120 mm
60°140 mm160 mm



When to use

  • Connection of joist on beam by crossed screws (45° screws)
  • Installation of battens on roof insulation (sarking) (60°)
  • Assembly of CLT panels (floor – floor)  (45°)


  • Timber

Technical Data



References Dimensions [mm]
A B C Thickness.




  1. Prick manually the screw at the required location in the support to limit slippage when screwing.
  2. Position the jig on the element to be fixed. The jig is equiped with several geometrical marks which allow to position it correctly in relation with the support (left 45° screw, right 45° screw, 90° screw).

  3. Optional : The jig can be fixed on the support with Ø5 screws to stabilize it before inserting Ø8 to Ø12 screws.

  4. Place the screw in the jig at the required angle, 45° or 60°.

  5. Insert the screw by using a screwdriver, pressing it against the stop at the screw tip and pressing the body against the chute to get the most precise angle possible.

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