AB6983 / AB36125 / AB3560

AB6983 / AB36125

These angles are used for anchoring and force transmission between the beams and the base plate.

CE Marking
Service class 2
Electrogalvanized steel Z275

Product Details



Steel quality:

  S250GD + Z275 according to DIN EN10346

Corrosion protection:

275 g / m galvanized on both sides 20mm



• To connect to a wall in confined areas and achieving the appropriate distance from the edge of fasteners
• joint at a distance from the wall elements
• Connection perpendicular or parallel to the joists
applicable materials
• suitable for connections wood-wood, concrete, steel




• Can be used also for connection of the longitudinal elements to the wall panels


  • The angle connectors are used for the anchoring of blockages to initiate the forces of the associations in the ring beam or ceiling tiles.
  • The connector can also be used for the connection of longitudinal forces at the wall panels

Technical Data


Product Dimensions

References Dimensions and drill holes [mm] Joist Holes flange B
A B C t Ø4 [mm] Ø5 [mm] Ø5 [mm] Ø13 [mm]

Product capacities - Timber to timber

References Product capacities - Timber to timber
Number of Fasteners Characteristic capacities - Timber C24 - 1 angle brackets per connection [kN]
Joist Flange B R2.k = R3.k
Qty Qty CNA4.0x40

* CNA3,1x40 in flange A, CSA5,0x25 in flange B

Product capacities - Timber to concrete

References Product capacities - Timber to Concrete
Number of Fasteners Characteristic capacities - Timber C24 - 1 angle brackets per connection [kN]
Joist Flange B R2.k = R3.k
Qty Type Qty Type CNA3,1x40 Bolt factor
AB698314CNA2M12*Min (13.1 ; 16/kmod)0.56

* Refer to Characteristic Capacity table columns for type of fasteners that can be used in Flange A. Capacities vary depending on fastener type used.

** The bolt design resistance requirement R#,d is determined from (bolt factor x connection design load F#,d) for the required load direction and fastener. Refer to the Simpson Strong-Tie anchor product range for suitable anchors. Typical anchor solutions are BOAXII, SET-XP, WA, AT-HP, depending on the concrete type, spacing and edge distances.




• Installation and assembly of components of wood using nails or screws CNA CSA5,0xℓ.
• For mounting on concrete surfaces are used M12 anchor bolts.


Declaration of Performance (DoP)

European Technical Assessment (ETA)

eta-06-0106.pdf (13.43 MB)

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