Sound insulation system for CLT


Massive wooden structures are sensitive to low-frequency acoustic vibrations.The elimination of sound transmission between solid wooden elements (wall-ceiling) is a big challenge for this type of structure. In order to eliminate unwanted sounds in wooden structures and houses made in the CLT technology, it may be helpful to connect the wall to the ceiling with ABAI angle bracket connector.

Sound insulation system for CLT

ABAI angle bracket for CLT

  • ABAI angle bracket for CLT

The ABAI angle bracket is a new type connectors. Angle bracket create a static load-capacity connection between the walls and ceiling elements made of CLT panels that are acoustically insulated through a 12 mm SIT insulation layer. The ABAI angle connects both design elements without increasing sound transfer. The ABAI angle is one of the solutions that can be used to ensure excellent acoustic insulation. ABAI has a special SIT polyurethane layer that crosses the acoustic vibration transmission path.

SIT Sound insulation tile

  • SIT Sound insulation tile

Acoustic insulation in wooden structures is one of the conditions that should be met in order to ensure the acoustic comfort of the house. The spread of sound can be significantly reduced by the use of high-performance SIT acoustic insulation tapes. The SIT acoustic insulation tape is an effective material that provides excellent acoustic insulation between wooden walls and the ceiling. The tape is made of a flexible polyurethane mixture. The choice of belt density depends on the required pressure capacity. The SIT tape can be used to break all contact points connecting the wall with the ceiling, or the side paths of the structure.


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