CNA nails for metal connectors


To keeping all the connection properties declared in our technical catalogue, the user when installing Simpson Strong-Tie connectors is obligated to use connectors specified in the tables. Only when these guidelines are followed the connection will reach the load capacity declared in the catalogues and approvals.

In other words:

The characteristic capacities given in our technical catalogue only apply if our connectors are installed with Simpson Strong-Tie fasteners.

New identification of fasteners

To enable the assessment of the proper installation of metal connectors, we decided to additionally stamp our connectors. Until now, you could find the No equal sign on the nail head, which is an integral part of our brand and confirms the use of Simpson Strong-Tie fasteners. From now on, a number will appear on the head of the nail that will indicate its length in mm. This will enable a comprehensive assessment of the correctness of the connectors, including the length of the fasteners used.

Details like this makes the difference between good products from the best ones!

New packaging

In addition, our fasteners will be delivered in new packaging. The new boxes are durable and designed to withstand everyday use on the construction site. They have a waterproof (sealing) layer that ensures durability on wet surfaces, and the fasteners are not exposed to the risk of direct contact with water.