Reliability, security and tailored service

Helping people build a secure and cost-effective designs. In this context, design and produce products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers and sometimes even beyond. All employees are responsible for the quality of their products and are committed to observe the quality management system.

Reliability and unmatched service

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Unrivalled products and services: This is what makes the Simpson Strong-Tie brand No. 1 in Europe and worldwide.
This "difference", which presents our brand is most evident in the efficiency of processing and handling of the products that are out of our production.
We also offer solutions in the most unusual places. We focus primarily on Europe, particularly in Denmark, which allows us maximum control and compliance with European standards.
We keep a large warehouse, we are ready to provide our customers the fastest delivery, support our dealers, provide training ...
We provide more service, more convenience, more know-how. In short, we are sure that we opavdu better!

Production management is synonymous with quality

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Simpson Strong-range Tie® offers products primarily from its own production. Inspection during production is now the only way to keep control over the overall quality of products, from one end of the chain to the other, our goal is to provide an unprecedented level of satisfaction.

Developer, manufacturer and supplier

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Providing all conditions enabling solid, safe and effective building.

  • QUALITY & SERVICE: meeting the client's specific needs and wishes
  • PRODUCT INNOVATION AND ITS DEVELOPMENT: maintaining the position of the most innovative producer in the industry
  • RESEARCH: products that meet all specified standards and safety requirements
  • TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND AFTER-SALES SUPPORT: providing clients with advice and consultations of the highest quality
  • PRODUCT DIVERSITY AND AVAILABILITY: the availability of our products when the customer needs them
  • TRAINING: didactic classes for carpenters, architects, schools, colleges and commercial partners

It doesn't matter if you are a designer, producer, supplier or investor. You get it all in one hand in the highest quality.
No-Equal = the customer can be sure that our products are tailored to their needs, tested and approved.