• cna feature

    CNA nails for metal connectors

    To keeping all the connection properties declared in our technical catalogue, the user when installing Simpson Strong-Tie connectors is obligated to use connectors specified in the tables. Only when these guidelines are followed the connection will reach the load capacity declared in the catalogues and approvals. In other words: The characteristic capacities given in our technical catalogue only apply if our connectors are installed…

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    • ABAI plus CIT

    Sound insulation system for CLT

    ABAI angle bracket for CLT The ABAI angle bracket is a new type connectors. Angle bracket create a static load-capacity connection between the walls and ceiling elements made of CLT panels that are acoustically insulated through a 12 mm SIT insulation layer. The ABAI angle connects both design elements without increasing sound transfer. The ABAI angle is one of the solutions that can be…

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    • THD Timber

    Screw Anchor THD

    The high-strength screw anchor for use in cracked and non-cracked concrete. The THD offers low installation torque and outstanding performance. The THD is designed and tested in dry, interior, non-corrosive environments.

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    • Aktualności ABR ZPRO

    Angle Bracket ABR Strong Zpro

    A new series of angle brackets with the new innovative protective coating ZPRO. ZPRO is a unique corrosion protection coating which provides similar corrosion protection as with extra hot-dip galvanized steel with 55 μm zinc corrosion category C3 (EN ISO 12944). Similar like the classic series of Strong these angle brackets used for structural connection between timber to timber or concrete. Typical application includes…

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