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  • Adapter für Injektionsmörtelkartuschen


    Le pistolet pour résine et silicone AT s’adapte sur toutes les perceuses et visseuses sur batterie. Il est parfaitement adapté pour les cartouches en 280 et 300 ml.
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  • Cleaning brushes


    Wire brushes with nylon or steel bristles are available in two diameters and lengths. Always brush to remove loose dust instructions. Available in diameters BR 17-30
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  • Resin Dispensing Gun


    We provide the tools to ensure the best preperation and effortless installation of resins and threaded rods.    Unlike ordinary cartridge guns, the DT300 and DT380 is machined to cope with the heavi...
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  • Mixers


    It is recommended to always use a suitable mixing nozzle. Injecting starts always from the bottom of the drilled hole and remove while gradually filling nozzle opening out. Ensure that the jet reached...
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  • Extensions MNE


    If necessary, use an extension nozzle. In the case of deep embedding may be necessary to extend the mixing nozzle connecting the extension nozzle through which it is possible to reach the bottom of th...
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  • Dust Pump


    The dust pump is a must have, to ensure that holes drilled into concrete are free from dust before installing threaded rods with resin.
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  • Polypropylene Sieve


    Polypropylene mesh anchor is used for apllications hollow masonry and even into the joints between masonry. Available in different sizes depending on the fixture.
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