truss shoe SHB

SHB truss shoe is used for connecting to the beam and serve for fixing the rafter with an inclination from 30 ° to 60 ° to the base plate

 Truss shoe SHB is available in three standard sizes:
   SHB 80 for rafter width 80 mm;
   SHB 100 for rafter width 100 mm, and
   SHB 120 for rafter width 120 mm
   Other widths may be custom made

  Truss shoe B are used to secure collar beam and the rafters in the bottom construction.
  They can be quickly installed and provide safe and dimensionally stable connection between the roof and substructure

 Truss shoe is also available as a type H for connection to the rafters.



  • Service class 2


Technical approvals : ETA-20/1071
Declarations of Performance : 

Steel quality:

Angle: S 355 MC DIN EN 10149-2 else: S 235 JR according to DIN EN 10025

Corrosion protection:

Galvanizing layer thickness of about 55 microns in accordance with DIN EN 1461



• Suitable for connection of rafters, easy installation





Wood, wood products, concrete


• SHB Truss shoe can be used to attach rafters with an inclination of 30 ° to 60 ° to the base

Values for connection
Load values apply to the rafters with an inclination between 30 ° and 60 °.
we have:
Anchoring means of bolts shall be verified for load F1.da or for F2.d.
The connection can be done with anchor bolts in concrete, directly or through the T-head bolt in the anchor channel.
There must be an acknowledgment of the screws used